KICKOFF meeting
Vilnius 04-05 July 2015

Introductory topics 


Terminology: informatics, computer science, computing, information technologies, digital literacy…


What are the differences? 


Shall we distinguish a teacher of informatics and an information technology teacher?

What other terminological aspects could be considered?


What is the scope of Computer Science and Informatics as branches of science and engineering?   (We will use abbreviation CS for both informatics and computer science within this text). 


CS teacher…


Who is the potential (prospective) user (and what is the sector or industry brunch) of an educational context, which is provided by CS teacher (engineer, computer engineer, computer scientist, STEM scientist, educator, etc.)?


Are there (or shall we look for) any unifying paradigms in the context of various professional requirements and industry standards?   


Teaching scope…


Should a secondary school CS teacher concentrate on pre required skills or teach the general unify competences (or both) and what are these competences? And in this context – what is the scope and philosophical aspects of CS discipline in the context of the secondary education and in the broader context of the modern engineering education. 


Who is a good CS teacher?


What is his or her education and qualification, level of knowledge of CS and related disciplines (and what these related disciplines are)?


Shall we study the existing situation with CS teachers (and their qualification)?


What is the general demand (today and in the future) for CS teaching at a secondary school?  And in this context- should we separate the CS discipline or we should (and could) integrate it (and what are the accompany disciplines in this case)? 


Teaching context


Within the context of CS teacher’s education: should we concentrate on technological, organizational, didactical, contextual aspects of a CS educational process or should we emphasis on teacher’s and student’s personalities and concentrate on general educational topics like students’ and teachers’ psychology (in relation with CS education), organizational psychology, reflection and self-reflection, motivation, social aspects of a CS educational process?


Who is the designer of an educational context?


Should an educational context be adopted for demand of the particular educational environment or it should be standardized (and synchronized with the industry requirements)? 


Who is the student of CS?


Should we require any perquisites?


How early we should start to teach CS?


What is the existing experience? And in this context- what is the vision of the future school, inter school relations and relations with the society?


What is the future of the formal school education and also in the field of CS? 


Other questions? 


Additional topics 


What is the area of expertise of each member of the consortium?


Could (and should) we point the particular expertise (or a number of expertise)?


What are the responsibilities of consortium members?