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Modern society requires high level skills and competences to support and sustain its global labor market. Vital competencies include computing skills such as computational thinking and programming. European governments and industry continue to bemoan the lack of motivated and good students in informationtechnologies and computing. To attract good students to HEI in computing, we need a larger number of well educated teachers in this area and new pedagogy and learning approaches in schools.


The aim of the network "Nordplus Network for Innovative Computing Education - NordNICE", is to expand collaboration between school teachers and researchers in the fields of computing education and teacher education. The initiative develops both pre-service (introducing computing in teacher

training programmes) and in-service training (offering professional development on computing to already practicing teachers). The collaboration integrates the existing research activities of NordNICE university partners from the participating countries, with the real-life practice of teaching and learning of computing

at schools.


Aims and contribution


The objective of the network is to enhance the quality of computing education of teachers in the Nordic and Baltic area, reaching the highest international levels. The project integrates the research activities of NordNICE partners from 5 countries who lead the field of computing education in the Nordic region.

Partners will reorganise aspects of the teaching process for computing and computational thinking by developing innovative instructional approaches, new didactic methods and a framework for computing teacher education and training. 




Higher education

Primary/secondary/upper secondary Schools



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