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The goal of the project is to develop frameworks for computing teacher training in the partner countries. This is done by building on existing expertise and collaboratively engaging in activities to transfer proven best practices through developing and deploying the framework during the two project years.

NordNICE activities are divided into work packages (WP) described below. The first year WPs are described with a detailed schedule as well as their executive partner.


Year One (07/2015 - 06/2016)


WP0. Project organization (kick off, july 2015, Vilnius)

Decide on the methodology for executing the project including research methods (qualitative and quantitative, participatory design / co-design with involved stakeholders) to be applied in other WPs. Executive partners: KTH and Uppsala University. Including activity: Informational project partner kick-off meeting.


WP1. Building understanding of what computing is at different K-12 educational levels.


1) Workshop in conjunction with the International Doctoral Consortium on Computer Science Engineering Education Research to gather key stakeholders, school teachers, teacher trainers, researchers and develop, in co-design, a joint understanding of what teaching computing and computation thinking involves in the educational levels K-12 based on existing standards and curricula.


Additionally we will focus on methods for teaching computing at schools combining research results with best practice from schools.

Executive partner: Vilnius university with Vilnius Lyceum.

Activity schedule: December 2015, Druskininkai, Lithuania.


2) Develop, distribute and collect data through a survey tool and online interviews to document the present state of computing teachers’ education and approaches to teaching computing and computational thinking I in the Nordplus countries. Benchmark the challenges experienced by teachers

in regard to national curricula.

Executive partners: KTH, Uppsala University.

Activity schedule: February 2016, Uppsala, Sweden.



WP2. Guidelines for computing teacher education and competencies.


Arrange a workshop on computing teacher training, which focuses on available technologies, especially in teaching and learning programming and analysis of good practice in using technologies in computing teachers pre-service and in-service training.

Executive partners: Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

Activity schedule: April 2016



WP3. Dissemination of year one project results


1) Develop and maintain the project’s web resource.

Executive partners: KTH, Vilnius University.

Date May, 2016.


2) Prepare and deliver a report on guidelines for the implementation and development of computing teacher education drawing on NordNICE research and workshop activities.

Executive partner: Åbo Akademi University, Linköping University

Date: May, 2016



Year Two (07/2016 - 06/2017)


WP4. Development of framework for computing teacher training


1) Arrange an online meeting for all partners to plan second year activities, in particular the Autumn workshops and initial ideas for the Spring seminars.

Executive partner: University of Tartu, Estonia

Date: August, 2016


2) Arrange a workshop on creating activities for introducing computing on its own or in conjunction with different subjects together with teachers. During the workshop teachers are introduced to a range of new concepts, letting those who have already developed teaching innovations share their experiences, and then work together on designing and creating suitable additional activities/content.

Executive partner: Åbo Akademi University,, Linköping University

Date: November, 2016



3) Run a workshop transferring pedagogical techniques for teaching computing to teachers, leveraging the activities created in WP4/1. Teachers who participated in WP4/1 will act as mentors ("master teachers") training colleagues during this workshop.

Executive partner: Uppsala University

Date: January, 2017


WP5. Dissemination of project results


1) Prepare and deliver a report on the project results.

Executive partners: All partners participate, executive partner will be decided on later

Date: May, 2017



2) Arrange local teacher seminars/workshops in conjunction with suitable teacher events (e.g. fairs,

exhibitions, conferences).

Executive partner: All partners

Date: May-June, 2017



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