Tools for teaching and learning programming

NordNice workshop in Aalto University
21-23, April, 2016 in Espoo, Finland



The goal of the workshop is to give participants an overview of available free educational software resources which supporting teaching and learning programming.  The program will address:

  • Challenges of learning programming

  • Categories of learning tools (software) to support learning programming

  • Getting hands-on experiences of using some tools

  • Discussing best practices how the tools can be integrated into K12 education


The program will include welcome dinner and two day seminar in English for NordNice network partners and a one-day workshop for school teachers, given mostly in Finnish.

Some sessions overlap and are given in English.


Participants for the seminar and workshop need to register by Wednesday, March 23rd.  We will send a resource letter for the registered participants on March 24th.  This includes links to a number of free online resources in learning programming, and brief descriptions of each of the resources.  The participants are requested to choose 2-3 resources on which they would like work more in the workshop, and discuss various ways to use them in classroom settings.  This information should be sent to the workshop organizer ( by April 19th.


Agenda of the seminar.

Presentation of Computational thinking